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Congratulations to the Clients of the Month for September: Kerry & Anne Brinkman

Here’s their story:

Kerry and Anne have continuously tried to lose weight through diets and exercise, but have never combined the two until now.  It was very easy before to “fall off the wagon” before this.  Today, they support each other and together they come in for training sessions on a regular basis and stick to a nutrition plan that works best for them.

Recently on vacation, they were able to walk 10 miles in one day! “We are continuing to progress each day, not reaching a plateau or hitting a wall.  This makes us stay motivated!”

To date, Kerry has lost 33lbs, 13.7% body fat and 10 inches total.  Anne has lost 40lbs, 12% boy fat and 14 inches total.

From Kerry’s trainer Martin, “Kerry is the man!  He has always had a great attitude towards his fitness journey.  He comes to every workout ready to kick butt and learn as much as possible.  Kerry makes sure that he is always progressing by following his nutrition plan and consistently doing all the right things to help him get stronger and get more work done in all his workouts.  It’s very rare for us to see someone as consistently motivated as Kerry and he sets a great example for the rest of our clients.  Awesome job Kerry, keep up the great work!” From Anne’s trainer Sammy, “Anne is a very dedicated person! Kerry and her work as a team when they come in, both pushing each other and trying new things.  Anne has a very open mind about her limitations and pushes herself in and out of class. She is always a supporting role in small group glass and always brings a smile along! Keep up the awesome work Anne!”
Congratulations Kerry and Anne!

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