The term Membership, Membership Fee and Agreement refers to any promotional offers or discount programs that member has registered for.

  1. The Member agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Studio and the Studio reserves the right to revoke any membership for violation of the Studio’s rules and regulations or for any action by the member deemed inappropriate, solely in the discretion of the Studio. If membership is revoked or canceled, no refund shall be made for any previously paid fees or dues and the Member shall not be relieved of the Member’s liability for outstanding payments owing.
  2. Membership fees and unused portions thereof are non-refundable, after the initial period stated in #7 below. Unused portions of a membership may be transferred only to a new previously non-existing Member and are subject to a transfer fee.
  3. This agreement is for the period stated within the promotional offer. At the end of the promotion term, this member has the right to opt into a regular studio membership, in accordance with the studio’s available membership terms and services.
  4. The member acknowledges that all workouts and exercises performed at the Studio shall be solely at his or her own risk and the Member hereby releases and forever discharges the Studio, its owners, officers, directors, assigns, agents or employees from any and all liability, claims, damages, injury, action, demand, whatsoever, which may result from the use of the service, programs or facilities of the Studio or any and all acts of the Studio, its officers, directors, assigns, agents or employees. The member acknowledges that the Studio is not responsible for articles left, lost or stolen on the premises by any Member.
  5. Any Member with a history of heart disease or any other medical condition or physical disability shall have the sole responsibility to obtain written approval from a licensed physician to perform any physical workout or exercise and must provide said written approval to the Studio if said condition arises after the commencement of a Membership.
  6. A membership freeze is available only as a result of a serious injury or illness provided that a physician’s letter, detailing the injury or illness, is provided to the Studio. A membership may be frozen for up to four (4) months or available when/if the program is offered in the future.
  7. This agreement may be rescinded by the Member within three (3) days following the date of your registration. The notice must be received in writing and delivered in person to the Studio. Upon such written notice, all fees paid will be refunded.
  8. The Member shall present a current membership card each time the Member enters the Studio. The membership card is non-transferrable and use of the card by anyone other than the said member is grounds for membership termination. A replacement fee is applicable for any lost or stolen Membership cards.

Payment and Pre-Authorized Payment Option

  1. The Member may pay the total amount of the membership upon registration.
  2. The Member has the option of making pre-arranged payments when program permits. The Member must provide a valid bank debit authorization or credit card and the Member hereby authorizes the Studio to obtain the payment of agreed upon fees and any other charges from the Members debit account or credit card as stated in this Agreement.
  3. Membership fees will be deducted on an agreed upon schedule, which will commence in accordance to the membership fees.
  4. There is a minimum $25 service charge per transaction for any transaction that is not honoured. A 2% per month/24% per annum finance charge will be applied to overdue accounts.
  5. The Studio reserves the right to revise the amount payable by giving the Member seven (7) days written notice. Upon such notice any member may cancel their membership, regardless of the initial terms of their membership agreement.
  6. The Member authorizes the Studio to make any credit, adjustment or reversal of entry on the members credit card or bank debit account as may be necessary. This includes repeat attempts to deduct membership fees when payments have defaulted.
  7. The Studio reserves the right to request payment in full of any membership being paid in installments that has had two or more payments dishonoured.
  8. In the event of default of any payment, the balance shall become immediately due and owing upon written demand and the Member shall be subject to all collection costs and legal fees and disbursements thereof.
  9. The Member shall notify the Studio at least thirty (7) days prior to any changes made in regard to any pre-authorized payments and 4 days notice for any other payment changes.



This document discloses the privacy practices for Refine Fitness. Questions regarding this statement should be directed to   As part of the normal operation of our services we collect information about you and/or your company. This Privacy Policy describes the information we collect about you and what may happen to that information. The privacy practices of this policy apply to the Refine Fitness website. If you do not agree with the following policy, please do not access or use this website. These terms may be changed by Refine Fitness at any time without notice.

Information Collected: Our primary goal in collecting personal information from you is to provide you with a smooth and efficient experience while using our services.
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Our policies for gathering and distributing information for this website include:

  • Refine Fitness will collect client contact information such as, email addresses, phone numbers and/or mailing addresses.
  • To improve our services, respond to requests and/or to process inquires, Refine Fitness retains the rights to hold onto contact information.
  • In certain cases, information provided through third party services such as toll-free numbers, chatbots/live chats may also be retained.
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SECURITY:  stores all user information in protected databases through a variety of access controls as well as being secured in a physically located facility. Data and information is only accessed for any of the purposes stated in this privacy statement.


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