Carol Kovosi POSTER

Congratulations to the final of 4 Clients of the Month for May: Carol Kovosi!
Here’s Carol’s story:

Carol decided she needed to be as healthy as she could so she could enjoy herself with her children and grandchildren. She has drastically changed her diet and has incorporated training in her everyday life, which has resulted in a 45 pound weight loss. She has also lost 41.5 inches and 7.5% body fat. Carol says that the quality and dedication of the trainers is the #1 reason why she loves Refine. She says: “There is no “I” in team. You don’t have to do this alone; the staff at Refine are part of your team and will guide, support and encourage you along the way.”

Her trainer Maureen says: “Carol is so inspiring! She has an extremely positive attitude, a very uplifting disposition along with tireless determination she has set out to achieve her goals and has done so. Carol works hard every time she comes in. Congratulations as you continue with your journey to good health!”

Congratulations Carol!

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