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Congratulations to another Client of the Month for March: Dave Findlay.

Here’s Dave’s story:

On April 14th, 2013 (Master’s Sunday), Dave quit smoking. In the months to follow, he gained over 25lbs. He then decided that he wanted to make a change in his life. He was never afraid of training and never had obstacles: Dave was always an athlete. However, he had been making excuses as to why he couldn’t work out.

Dave says his training sessions are amazing. He feels like an athlete again. He has lots of energy and feels as strong as he did 25 years ago. He can fit in clothes he hasn’t been able to fit into for 5 years. The key to his success? Hard work… and a little help from Refine Fitness, “The trainers and the front desk staff are amazing. The facility is a comfortable open environment and is very conducive for hard work.”

Dave has lost 14.7lbs so far and continues to work hard at each and every training session.
Congratulations Dave!

If you would like to start training with us and see what YOU’RE capable of, call us at 519-253-9400 to book in a FREE consultation with owner Mike Bates.

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