Congratulations to the Client of the Month for April: Paul Picard.

Here’s Paul’s story:

Paul started working out when his physician told him he needed to make some drastic lifestyle changes (and quickly) in order to avoid potentially permanent health issues. Paul has a really busy personal and professional life, “something had to go to the back of the bus. Health and fitness did!” he says.

“When I made the decision to commit to fitness I did a significant amount of research about the best approach. When confronted with a potential health crisis I contacted Mike. He started by discouraging me unless I was truly prepared to effect change and told me to not waste my money if I wasn’t. In a sense, he pissed me off and triggered my stubborn side. I was all in and the two trainers assigned to me have been critical to the incredible change not only in look but in outlook. I would not even consider writing this had I not had the beyond the positive experience of their expertise. I can honestly say, in the most endearing way possible, that I truly hate these two women 3 times a week!!!! They were/are critical to any success I have realized.”

His trainer Sherrill says: “Paul is simply inspirational!  Paul took everything we had to say and ran with it, never looking back. He works his butt off in every session, gets his cardio in every week and nutrition has become part of his lifestyle.

Keep up the hard work Paul…you’re amazing!”

In only 10 weeks, Paul lost 23lbs, 8% body fat and 6.5 inches total (4.5 were from his abdomen!). His blood pressure also lowered drastically: from 138/90 to 110/68.

Congratulations Paul!

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