In addition to owning a personal training studio, I test and certify personal trainers. Over the years, I have certified more than 1,000 trainers and seen hands on what it takes to be successful in this industry.

Once trainers are certified, the most important thing they can do for themselves and their clients is to further their education by attending workshops, conferences and taking other certifications.

This commitment to continued learning is consistently ranked as the top habit of the best trainers in the world.

This focus on expanding their knowledge base is always important. I spend more than $10,000 a year to stay on top of the latest trends and training techniques in my field.

While I do this voluntarily, I consider it mandatory for my business. For me, nothing is more important to my success.

Technically, all trainers are required to take some form of continuing education on a yearly basis to maintain their certification.

If this is not done, their certifications and insurance coverage will lapse.

Unfortunately, many trainers do not stay on top of this and are training clients while their certification is inactive.

This ranks as my biggest pet peeve. There is no excuse for this, and it shows a total lack of respect for their career and the industry.

As a client, it is difficult to know exactly what your trainer has done to maintain certification.

You can visit a new website,

It lists thousands of trainers who have been certified through Can Fit Pro, Canada’s largest personal training organization. It doesn’t, however, list trainers who have been certified elsewhere.

You can also ask your trainer what was involved in getting their certification and what they do to maintain it. They should be able to show you an up-to-date certification.

If they can’t, I would seriously evaluate whether they are the type of trainer you want to be working with.

The personal training industry is unregulated and it is up to certification groups, facility owners and trainers themselves to ensure they are keeping their skills up to date.