Congratulations to the Clients of the Month for October: Gerry & Melinda

Here’s their story:

Gerry & Melinda have continuously been active their entire life through sports and cycling.  Having a focused program, they can really see a difference in their endurance and improvements in balance and coordination.  Melinda describes it as, “Every workout is its own reward.”

They are able to take their workouts on the road by trainers’ developing fun ‘travel’ workouts for them!

Also, Gerry has been able to increase his overall fitness levels due to past illnesses and injuries.  It was obvious something needed to get done in order for him to get back on track. “No more sleeping in on Friday morning!” – Gerry From Gerry & Melinda’s trainer Sarah, “They are always fun to work with and I look forward to working with them every week.  I love help leading them to surpassing their goals.”

Congratulations Gerry & Melinda!

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