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Congratulations to the second of 3 Clients of the Month for November: Omer Hageniers.

Be sure to check back the next week to see who the final winner is!

Here’s Omer’s story:

After his wife (a previous Client of the Month winner) bought him a membership, Omer decided to change his life for the better. He was always so busy with work and was never motivated to workout. Exercising seemed to be boring to him. However, after working out with personal trainers at Refine Fitness, he quickly realized that not all exercises are boring.

Since working out at Refine, Omer is no longer on medication for type II diabetes, he can run faster, he bought himself a new wardrobe with much smaller waist sizes, and he now has the “exercise regularly bug”. He has lost 18.2lbs, 15.25 inches total and 4.6% body fat.

His trainer Maureen says: “Omer has done an amazing job during the past 11 months. He is a pleasure to work with each week! He has a very positive attitude and seems to be enjoying the challenges I put to him weekly. I am so proud of what he has accomplished during the time he has been at Refine and I continue to look forward to working with Omer as he continues on this road to good health!”

Congratulations Omer!

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