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Congratulations to the Client of the Month for February: Lori Doran.

Here’s Lori’s story:

After having suffered a heart attack five years ago and living with coronary heart disease, Lori needs to incorporate exercise and diet in her daily routine. However, she needed some coaching and motivation to get back to feeling good about herself again. She was worried that since her metabolism changed, she would not be able to lose the weight this time around. However, the team at Refine Fitness Studio proved her wrong.

Lori has lost 30lbs, over 15” total and 11% body fat!

Her trainer Marco says: “To say Lori is a perfectionist is an understatement. She didn’t stray from her program from day 1 and she fought hard for every inch and pound. Although she drove me crazy most days, I still really enjoyed training her because she really listened to my advice and stuck to the program.”

Congratulations Lori!

If you would like to start training with us and see what YOU’RE capable of, call us at 519-253-9400 to book in a FREE consultation with owner Mike Bates.

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