Lori Laughton - Poster

Last but not least, congratulations to the final Client of the Month for April: Lori Laughton!

Here’s Lori’s story:

Lori’s main motivation to join Refine was because of health issues. She was diagnosed with diabetes and wanted to make every effort to reduce the effects of the disease. Lori says: “I was never athletic. I hated doing exercise but now I actually look forward to my weekly sessions. I feel energized, and my back ache is virtually gone. I am so much stronger, which makes doing my job a lot easier.”

Lori has been here for only a few months, but has seen amazing results. She recently participated in the Take Down Challenge, which she says was the key to her success. This program taught her a lot about nutrition and what changes she should make in her diet. Her doctor has definitely noticed her efforts.

Lori is now off her diabetes medication for a 3 month trial! In addition, she has also lost 32lbs and 12.6% body fat.

Congratulations Lori!

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