Cathy Gaudry - Poster

Congratulations to the second of 4 Clients of the Month for April: Cathy Gaudry!

Be sure to check back in the next couple weeks to find out who the other two winners are.

Here’s Cathy’s story:

Cathy started working out after realizing that she wasn’t keeping up with weight loss like she wanted to. However, she was very determined to make a change without drastically changing her day to day routine. “I haven’t done anything crazy or drastic, I’m not depriving myself, and I can totally live with these small changes,” she says, “I read all food labels and pay special attention to the fat and sugar grams. I always stick to the serving size, or even cut it in half.”

Ever since she started training and watching what she eats, Cathy says that she has a lot more stamina and is consistently losing weight. In only 6 months, she has lost 29lbs and 19 inches.

Her trainer Erica says: “She has now realized that by making small changes and incorporating exercise into her daily routine, she will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing anything. She has done such a great job.”

Congratulations Cathy!

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