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Congratulations to the first of 2 Clients of the Month for January: Lynn Ridgewell.

Be sure to check back in the next couple weeks to see who the other winner is!

Here’s Lynn’s story:

Lynn wanted to be a healthy, active adult throughout her entire life.  She had read many articles highlighting the importance of staying healthy as we age, and she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to do that on her own. For Lynn, it wasn’t about weight loss: it was about being confident later in life with no limitations.

Since training with Refine Fitness Trainers, Lynn has gained 3lbs of muscle. She is also able to complete 15 push-ups from her toes. She continues to push herself and stay active, even after getting two hip replacements not too long ago.

Her trainer Martin says: “Lynn has been very inspiring! She was very nervous at the beginning and understandably so, after having both hips replaced a few years ago. She has consistently gotten stronger and has overcome her fears. As her trainer, I can tell that there is a huge difference to the way she approaches new challenges now compared to when she first started training with us. She is doing things she has never been able to do before as a result of all her hard work and determination.”

Congratulations Lynn!

If you would like to start training with us and see what YOU’RE capable of, call us at 519-253-9400 to book in a FREE consultation with owner Mike Bates.

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