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Congratulations to the first of 2 Clients of the Month for February: Nancy Jammu-Taylor.

Be sure to check back in the next couple weeks to see who the other winner is!

Here’s Nancy’s story:

Nancy had always been the type of person who loved to exercise. However, she finds that working with a trainer is a good way to stay committed, get to the gym and stay focused on fitness goals.

At other gyms, Nancy had been in situations where she was lifting more weight than she wanted to, which led to bulking up more than she wanted to. Since working out at Refine, this issue has not come up at all.

“I have never been a morning person. Yet, here I find myself getting to the gym by 6am every morning with little to no difficulty. I find I have more energy and feel good all day knowing that I started my day off right. I used to have ongoing pain in my right hip and I can say that it has been quite some time since I have felt that pain. I feel phenomenal.” says Nancy.

Her trainer Jen says: “For Nancy, it was never about her weight. She had a general goal to trim inches and improve her overall nutrition. She is a machine! She is a joy to work with and accepts the program challenges I toss her way with the absolute BEST positive attitude. She has made great progress with her nutrition and seems to have found balance with her busy work and home life while fueling her body for success in the gym. I am incredibly proud of her!”

Congratulations Nancy!

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