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The Client of the Month program is now at our Anytime Fitness location!

Congratulations to the first of 2 Clients of the Month for December: Kim Collavino.

Be sure to check back the next week to see who the other winner is!

Here’s Kim’s story:

There were several reasons as to why Kim decided to start working out: she couldn’t fit into her clothes anymore, she was constantly in pain and she didn’t want to look fat walking her son down the aisle. It took all of those factors put together to have the inner desire and strength to start training. She realized that she HAD to make time for exercise.

After six months of training, Kim dropped 3 sizes, 35lbs, 6.5 inches and 4.2% body fat. Most of her pain is gone and she can now sleep through the night without waking up (A miracle after 5 years of not sleeping!).

Her advice to non-members: “Just start. Refine really is the best. Try to have a partner; it’s so much easier if you are accountable to someone. Don’t make excuses for yourself. Schedule time to better yourself and make it a priority.”

Her trainer Marco says: “Kim has a very strong will but she is also open minded enough try new things. She had already lost some weight before she started working with us but still did everything we asked her and continued to see amazing results.”

Congratulations Kim!

If you would like to start training with us and see what YOU’RE capable of, call us at 519-253-9400 to book in a FREE consultation with owner Mike Bates.

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