Hey fellow holiday indulgers, listen up because this is for you. I am the only fitness professional out there who is going to put it this bluntly for you and something tells me that most of you are going to love me for it.

This holiday season, eat whatever you want and drink whatever you desire.

If you stop reading right there then you may be in trouble but I want you to read closely. If you are currently doing the necessary things in order to respect and take care of your body, then by all means indulge. I am a firm believer in the power of the 80:20 rule. This rule states that if you eat properly and make healthy choices as well as exercise 3-6 days a week for 30min to and hour at a moderate intensity 80% of the time, then you shouldn’t have to worry about extra holiday pounds. If you are a fined tuned machine, then your body will take care of the bulge as soon as you get back to your regular routine. I see it on a monthly basis with my dedicated regular clients or all ages.

Now here is my only issue; most people do the inverse of the 80:20 rule. They take care of themselves 20% of the time and not only fall of the wagon but let the wagon drag them for a few miles for 80% of the time. So moral of the story, get your butt moving and eating cleanly and your body will respond with an amazing ability to handle holiday treats and delicacies. 

Enjoy your gravy folks!
Personal Trainer, Colin McAuslan