Marilyn Hageniers - PosterCongratulations to the third of 4 Clients of the Month for April: Marilyn Hageniers!

Be sure to check back in the next week to find out who the final winner is.

Here’s Marilyn’s story:

Marilyn has an injury to her right knee which kept her from trying any new exercises. It had been a problem for her for 10 years…until she started training. Three months later, she can now walk up and down the stairs comfortably and she can also walk 1-2 miles without knee pain. Marilyn has also lost 20lbs and 16 total inches.

Her trainer Sarah says: “Marilyn is such a great person to work with. One great key to her success is that she very rarely misses a session. This dedication has gotten Marilyn to achieve all of the goals she set when she started with us.”

Congratulations Marilyn!

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